Victoria Atkins MP joins campaign to save lives

Victoria Atkins MP has shown her support for more lifesaving defibrillators in Louth & Horncastle’s schools.

As part of “Restart A Heart Day”, Victoria met with The Oliver King Foundation, which was set up following the tragic death of 12-year-old Oliver King from a sudden cardiac arrest during a swimming race.

Every year 30,000 people suffer a sudden cardiac arrest and 12 young people die from this every week.  Early access to a defibrillator is vital as for every minute that passes, chances of survival drop by 10%.

Victoria said,

“I am proud to support the campaign to save lives and protect children by raising awareness about the need for defibrillators in our schools.

I commend the King family and the Foundation for the important work that they are doing so that families in Louth & Horncastle do not have to suffer the terrible loss of a child.”