Unveiling the "Fearless GIrl" statue in Paternoster Square

Victoria Atkins, Member of Parliament for Louth and Horncastle, has unveiled a replica statue of the Wall Street icon, the statue of the "Fearless Girl."

Ahead of International Women's Day 2019 and to celebrate the opening of trading in London, Victoria was discussing important issues surrounding women in business.

Victoria commented, "The statue is testament to the work that needs to be done to close the Gender Pay Gap, generate more investment in female start ups and get more women in management and on boards."

"It is time for employers to take decisive action and close their gender pay gap."

This is something that Victoria, Minister for Women, has spoken about before, and she recently wrote a paper on the topic, which can be read here: https://equalities.blog.gov.uk/2019/02/11/minister-atkins-its-time-for-….