Visit to Pip's Parlour

Victoria had a fantastic time at Pip's Parlour in Spilsby where she met local business owner Alison Lindon and her furry customers!

UK Parliament Week

Victoria congratulates everyone who took part in UK Parliament Week this year, learning more about our mother of all parliaments.

Appointment to the Home Office

I am delighted to have been asked to join the Home Office, in a team whose central purpose is to keep the people of this country safe and secure.

Modernising the Mental Health Act

Today's debate on the use of force in mental health units looked at important measures to make the 1983 Mental Health Act fit for purpose. It recognised the disproportionate rates of detention of black and ethnic minority patients which have persisted for too long.

Ensuring the countryside thrives

As a Member of Parliament for a rural area, Victoria knows how important landowners, farmers and rural businesses are for a thriving countryside.